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Dic 10 2018

trabajando con django he tenido un problema al ejecutar pipenv en macOS. Al final después de mucho mirar encontré la solución a mi problema en github:





command not found


Abrir terminal y ejecutar:


pip install --user -U --no-cache-dir pip pipenv
pipenv install --dev
Usage: pipenv [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
  --where             Output project home information.
  --venv              Output virtualenv information.
  --py                Output Python interpreter information.
  --envs              Output Environment Variable options.
  --rm                Remove the virtualenv.
  --bare              Minimal output.
  --completion        Output completion (to be eval'd).
  --man               Display manpage.
  --support           Output diagnostic information for use in GitHub issues.
  --site-packages     Enable site-packages for the virtualenv.  [env var:
  --python TEXT       Specify which version of Python virtualenv should use.
  --three / --two     Use Python 3/2 when creating virtualenv.
  --clear             Clears caches (pipenv, pip, and pip-tools).  [env var:
  -v, --verbose       Verbose mode.
  --pypi-mirror TEXT  Specify a PyPI mirror.
  --version           Show the version and exit.
  -h, --help          Show this message and exit.
Usage Examples:
   Create a new project using Python 3.7, specifically:
   $ pipenv --python 3.7
   Remove project virtualenv (inferred from current directory):
   $ pipenv --rm
   Install all dependencies for a project (including dev):
   $ pipenv install --dev
   Create a lockfile containing pre-releases:
   $ pipenv lock --pre
   Show a graph of your installed dependencies:
   $ pipenv graph
   Check your installed dependencies for security vulnerabilities:
   $ pipenv check
   Install a local into your virtual environment/Pipfile:
   $ pipenv install -e .
   Use a lower-level pip command:
   $ pipenv run pip freeze
  check      Checks for security vulnerabilities and against PEP 508 markers
             provided in Pipfile.
  clean      Uninstalls all packages not specified in Pipfile.lock.
  graph      Displays currently-installed dependency graph information.
  install    Installs provided packages and adds them to Pipfile, or (if no
             packages are given), installs all packages from Pipfile.
  lock       Generates Pipfile.lock.
  open       View a given module in your editor.
  run        Spawns a command installed into the virtualenv.
  shell      Spawns a shell within the virtualenv.
  sync       Installs all packages specified in Pipfile.lock.
  uninstall  Un-installs a provided package and removes it from Pipfile.
  update     Runs lock, then sync.

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